Sebastian Vasque

Office Phone: +56227910761
Mobile Phone: +56994890345
Email[email protected]
Address: Jose Migiel Claro 967 OF:402, Providencia, Santiago, RM
Country: Chile


BCM Business Cost Management is a world leading Cost Management company. Founded in 1993, the company has experienced continuous growth by building an extensive client base and strong international presence.

BCM has operated in Chile since 2020. The Chilean operations are managed by Sebastian Vasquez.

BCM examines costs for all types and sizes of organisations and finds savings therein. BCM charge a % of the savings found, ensuring a win-win deal for the client. BCM’s now famous guarantee is No Savings, No Charge!

The main goal of BCM Chile is to provide sustainable solutions and create benefits for all parties involved. Clients enjoy substantial savings, which gives additional impetus to their activities. Suppliers consolidate their relationship with customers or gain a new valued customer. Our team is satisfied by facilitating and managing the cost reduction process.

The BCM team in Chile is skilled and capable of analysing clients expenditures and current operational processes and procedures. They develop and then advise on sustainable cost management and cost solutions which increase efficiency, while keeping or improving the service level. We implement the recommendations chosen by our clients and guarantee a lasting result through follow-up monitoring and control.

The Chilean office has a great experience in generating Revenue Growth, especially by the Franchising method.


Sebastian Vasquez has degrees in Engineering, Business Administration, MBA, Marketing and Coaching for sustainable businesses. He has performed successfully senior management assignments in industry, of IT, manufacturing services and consultancy. Sebastián has substantial knowledge, experience and skills with regard to performance efficiency and efficacy, cost management, cost reduction and Franchise development programs.