eTendering for State & Semi-State Bodies

If you are a state or semi-state body, and you wish to comply with government procurement guidelines, please contact BCM who are experts in this field having worked in this area for organisations like you for the last 20+ years.

The purpose of the regulations surrounding this area is as follows:

1. To ensure the state gets value for money on behalf of the taxpayer.

2. To ensure that a fair and transparent process is conducted with the supplier base such that the government agency is not open to litigation or claims of unfairness or corruption.

Full End To End eTendering Service

BCM provides a full end-to-end service including assistance with specification, design of scoring matrices, preparation of legal documents, tendering, answering of queries, examination and clarification of tender responses, preliminary scoring, supplier interviews, communication with successful/unsuccessful suppliers, etc.


Responding to a Tender?

Because BCM are experts in the creation and evaluation of tenders, we also understand what successful tender responses should look like.   We can therefore help you if you are responding to a tender and you find the process difficult or intimidating or if you simply do not have the skilled resources for same.

This services greatly enhances your success rate when responding to tenders!

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