Fuchen Ji

Office Phone: +86 24 22564618

Mobile Phone: +86 13998807969

Email: fuchen.ji@bcmcorporate.com

Address: 1-20-5 165 Nanjing North Street

Heping District Shenyang City

Liaoning Province 110000

Country: China


BCM Business Cost Management is a world leading Cost Management company. Founded in 1993, the company has experienced continuous growth by building an extensive client base and a strong international presence.

BCM has operated in China since 2018. The Chinese operations are managed by Fuchen Ji.

BCM examines costs for all types and sizes of organisations and find savings therein. BCM charges a % of the savings found, ensuring a win-win deal for the client. BCM guarantees No Savings, No Charge!

BCM China helps organisations to achieve best value across their cost reduction function and assist in improving all areas of business management.

From our experience, we recognise that it is not financially feasible for organisations to employ full-time professional specialists across the full spectrum of goods and services that can be purchased. As the independent professional experts, we have people with experience gained during long careers at a senior level in their areas, and we use this experience to advise businesses on how to get the best deal from suppliers and how to optimise processes. We know how to approach organisations, win business, and deliver a great service to our clients.


Fuchen Ji has extensive experience in the areas of business management, cost management, cost reduction, revenue growth, business franchising etc. His previous work positions include employment with PricewaterhouseCoopers Shanghai branch and he has a dedicated work ethic in the business area of consulting practice.

Fuchen subsequently took charge of the business operation in a large retail group in Liaoning Province China for eight years.

In 2015, he has commenced his own consulting business. With full management skills, Fuchen is committed to sharing his knowledge to add-value to all aspects of business consulting, from concept stage to recruitment & on-going support for new or established organisations.

In his spare time, Fuchen enjoys reading, writing, travelling & walking.